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Why YOUR Planet Needs Biodegradable Polymers

April 27, 2009


Does mother earth need biodegradable polymers? And are you confused about the wave nature of a microscopic body?

Well, these are a few questions posed by students like you to the Topper panel of experts!

This week we bring you the top three questions posted by Class XII students, who received the answers in 72 hours!


 Subject: Physics

 Q. Why we cannot observe the wave nature of a microscopic body?


Posted by: Hms_007

A. The wave nature of microscopic bodies cannot be observed. If we use Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle, we know that we have a fixed bound for product of errors in position and momentum. 

So, if we try to calculate he position too precisely then we have a large error in momentum and are not able to measure it. If we try to measure the velocity too precisely than we have a large error in position.

Thus we are not able to measure the wave nature of microscopic bodies.