Ways to beat post holiday school stress!

July 15, 2010
After two months of bliss, schools have re-opened! Heavy backload of books, back to back classes and tonnes of homework is the buzzword again. Naturally, the sudden workload would seem quiet nerve wrecking to a lot of you. Worried about how'd you handle the sudden pressure and perform well in your post holiday tests? Here are some tips to help you out.
Switch to Organised Studies-

After the holidays, the sudden change in your daily schedule might throw you off balance for some time! The best way to manage your time now would be to switch to organized studies. Make a daily study routine and follow it. It'll make you more efficient and will balance out your workload evenly! You can use TOPPER's special My Study Plan for planning your studies!
Take Proper Rest-

Working hard would not help you to cope up with stress if you don't space out your work with adequate amount of rest in between. It's very important to have a good night's sleep everyday to prepare your body for the coming day! Staying up late working would only give you headaches and lethargy the next day. So work hard, but don't be hard on your sleep!
Study with friends-
Combined studies have their own merits. Studying with your friends would not only motivate you, but will lower down your stress level as well. You'll know that everyone's almost in the same soup as you. Working together will make studies easier and fun! You can use your TOPPER account to connect with friends, share notes and study together as well!

Do not Panic- All is well-

Hitting the panic button comes naturally as an answer to a sudden rise in stress. But remember that losing your calm would not help you to cope up with stress at all. On the contrary, it'll increase it manifolds. So whatever the situation be- you might be lagging behind in homework, or your projects aren't ready by the submission date, or that practical file still needs n number of graphs to be ready for submission, stay positive. Try to handle situations in a smart way. You can get help for your homework and projects from the TOPPER website.

Remember, all's well that ends well. Set targets and work smart to achieve them! When in doubt, turn to these golden tips. All the Best!