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Topper Presents you the Key to be the Topper

December 08, 2011
Exam Success - The Key to be a Topper
Last-minute preparation and revision for exams carry great importance. It can give a fabulous end to your present class. It can make you leave your peers behind and top the class. Don't you agree with it? Topper bets you do. It knows it all, and hence has come up with an Exam Special package for you. This package has been carefully designed to present you everything that you need just before exams to brighten your preparation, and hence performance. Let's learn about the Exam Special pack in detail.

First of all, you can find this wonderful revision package in Exam Resources. It has three main features. They include Revise your Course, Test your Knowledge and Exam Focus cope with the stress. Following is a brief description of all these three components of Exam Special.


Revise your course: As the name suggests, this particular component is meant for revising the entire course, which is the most important part of preparation for any examination. It has sub-components to help you do the given job effectively. These sub-components include a collection of must-watch topper videos and brief notes on formulae and concepts. The former are the videos which are sorted out by Topper from the examination point of view while the latter are quick-to-revise the entire syllabus notes mentioning all the important formulae and concepts. Hence, you have materials with which you can brush your mind right before exam and sit in the hall with oozing confidence.


Test Your Knowledge: This component of Exam Special is a collection different forms of test. It is meant to assess your preparedness for exams. The tests available here are Assessment meter test, Practical test series, Topper sample papers and CBSE solved papers. The Assessment meter tests comprise 5 sample tests with each test having 30 questions from the entire syllabus of a given class. It aims to test the conceptual understanding and final preparedness of yours for exams. The Practical test series contains viva-voce questions. Practicing them would boost your level of confidence for practical tests. Further ahead, this section of the Exam special contains sample papers recommended by Topper for practicing and sample papers released by CBSE for a given class.  


Exam Focus: However, prepared you are, you get stressed for exams. In fact, it is quite natural. When you wish to perform well, you get stressed. To overcome the anxiety and stress, you need to practice ways for doing it. You need to be aware of them. This particular component of Exam special presents you tips and tricks to cope with the exam stress. Go through it to prepare yourself super-well to do great in exams.


In addition to the above mentioned components, Exam Special also has Live Chat and Ask the Expert. These features allow you to have live chat with subject experts. You can ask them your queries and doubts and get them answered and cleared. With the Live chat, you can have the answers right there and then. Now, you know about the newly launched Exam Special. You know how to use it and how can it benefit you. Make the best of this very important exam resource and surprise your class with your knowledge and intelligence.


Team Topper!