Topper Pre Board Exam Commencing from Jan 17

January 16, 2012

Topper Pre Board exams are commencing today. Are you going to take it? If yes, then Topper appreciates your decision. It is always great to keep a track of your progress towards achieving your goal. Attempting the Pre boards would not only help you know how much you know from the syllabus but also get a detailed evaluation of your answers along with some valuable feedback directly from highly experienced Topper subject experts.

As you are aware of the method of attempting Pre boards, visit Know More for the schedule giving information on which date you can download which subject question paper.


To assist you score well in the Pre boards, we suggest you some tips and tricks. Here are they:

1. Do not forget your text book; it is the simple way to win the race. Concentrate on text book and read all chapters carefully. Refer to Textbook Solutions for better preparation.

2. Time planning is another one which will help you to do well in exam. Practice the papers according to time planning which will help in exam to solve the papers on time.

3. If you find yourself unable to concentrate on study, take a short break or read easier paper. Visit Exam Resources to know more such tips.

4. Pressure is the part of exam so avoid unnecessary panic.

5. Motivate yourself that it is just another exam and you have to prepare for it.


Here is a quick revision of the guidelines for attempting Topper Pre Boards.

1. Take the TOPPER Pre Boards only after completing the revision of the entire syllabus in a given subject at least once.

2. Do not refer to any textbooks or reference material, either in print or on web, while answering the questions. Read the question paper only when you are about to begin your attempt.
3. The question paper needs to be attempted in a single sitting rather than in multiple sittings within the stipulated time.
4. Parents/guardians must ensure that there is no disturbance while their ward is taking the TOPPER Pre Boards.
5. Do not take any phone calls during the course of the exam.
6. Spend the first 10 minutes in reading the question paper carefully.
7. Attempt all questions of a section at one place. Avoid mixing answers of different sections.
8.Write the question number against each answer.
9. Number the pages of the entire answer script before submission.
10. Spend the last 10 minutes of the prescribed time for revision.
11. Avoid cutting and tearing the answer script.
12. Use only blue pen to write the answers.

For more detailed information, visit how to appear and how to attempt.

For any query or help, mail to contactus@topperlearning.com with subject line 'Pre Boards'.