Topper is Now in a New Look for you!!!

December 06, 2011

Did you see the change? How do you find it? Cool! Isn't it? India's no. 1 education website is now presenting itself in an even better look.

If you browse through the website, you would observe a pleasant mixture of various old and new things. Some of the features of the site, which we found you need frequently, have been put up on the front.

As you may now find News, Articles on the home page itself. Many new sections to the site have also been added. These additions are looking up to the demand from users like you. Science Dipstick was found to be among the most visited sections of the site. Hence, we have added two new sub-sections to it. They are Science Behind Formula 1 Race and Science Behind Crackers. We would continue with this trend of adding up sections so as to satisfy your thirst for knowledge.

We have poured our love and affection for you while making a new design for your favorite website. We have tried our level best to make it easier to navigate and friendlier to use. . Hope, you like the change! Good or bad, you certainly have some set of opinion on it. Do share with us here in the comment section. We value your opinion. We value your advices and suggestions. After all we work for you.


Team Topper!