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Tips for differentiation, integration!

March 20, 2009

To help you bust your maths doubts, Topper organised a live chat on March 17 and 19 for students of Class XII.

Maths whizzes Prateeksha and Neha answered these questions:

Kanan: Mam shud i construct my own paper considering cbse sample papers n der blue prints .. bt wt i analysed this time around in chemistry paper (as i tried to construct my own paper for it too ) that it had been a mixture of the three blue prints of the sample paper .... shud i do the same fr maths even or the three sample papers represent the 3 respective sets of the main paper ??
Prateeksha Joshi and Neha Agarwal:
Dear kanan, please do not waste time in constructing your own paper. Try solving mock papers.



Gurusharan: How do we practice for vectors, since most of the questions asked are very different from the text book miscellaneous exercise?
Prateeksha Joshi and Neha Agarwal:
Hi, practice these questions: 1. What’s HOTS? 2. Mock papers



Sameer: Sir how to proceed fr questions on diffrential equation...... n after referrin to the blue prints of the sample papers wich question according to you can be asked from application of derivatives.

Prateeksha Joshi and Neha Agarwal: Dear Sameer, there are three types of differential equations -- separable homogeneous and linear. Understand how to identify and then solve each with the appropriate method.

Well, from application of derivative question could be from any of the topics of increasing decreasing, maxima-minima approximation or tangent normals. However, 6-mark question are expected to be from maxima-minima.





Azad: Any advice on how to write the paper properly ....and what do examiner usually look for ....!!

Prateeksha Joshi and Neha Agarwal: Dear Azad, the points that you should keep in mind: do not get tense and write each step, clearly. Give reasons for what you write, as far as possible. Be neat and clear. Examiner look for step-wise solutions and presentations.



Ankit Bhatnagar: In integrals will there be q's outside from ncert ,as this is the most detailed chapter and already many tricky q's are include in misc.

Prateeksha Joshi and Neha Agarwal: Dear Ankit, questions on integrals will be based on the type of questions given in NCERT. To solve more integral problems, refer to these sections: 1. Study online , 2.  What’s HOTS?



Azad: From which lessons can HOTS be expected most ..!!

Prateeksha Joshi and Neha Agarwal: Hey Azad, 20% of the paper will be of HOTS and these questions can be from any topic. Practice by visiting What's HOTS?.