This Week's Q&A: The Matrix Unloaded!

April 10, 2009
Does the inverse of the matrix, exist? Why does cream separate from milk?
Enthusiastic readers posed these questions to Topper panel of experts.
This week we bring you the top three questions by Class XII students. They received answers in 72 hours!
Subject: Physics
Q. As we know that when ever there is a transfer of electrons, their is also a transfer of mass from1 atom to the other, but we also know that atomic mass of an atom = no. of proton + no. of neutron and as we can see that electron does not play any role in determining atomic mass then how can we say that their is transfer of mass?
Posted by: Vikram92

A. When charge transfer takes place, electrons are transferred from one material to another. Electrons have a very small mass but this mass is not zero.