The Twain Shall Meet

July 26, 2011
The need for improvisations in software applications to cope with the rising demand for technological intervention in teaching and learning environments, disability studies, e-governance, forensic and defence sciences cannot be over emphasised. But what is necessary is the implementation of these changes in an integrated environment, and their modelling in the real world.

The way forward is the successful infusing of achievements in the academic field with technical expertise in real time systems this was the point of focus at the IEEE international conference on Technology for Education (T4E) at IIT-Madras. The conference held recently had experts in technology sharing some of the state-of-the art technologies and insights into the latest research in the area of technology in education.

The speakers also discussed online examination frameworks possible in the country. Applications such as OnlineTT that provides content in various languages to facilitate online learning and evaluation were discussed.

It might be an accepted fact that accessibility to quality education will no longer be a far-fetched dream once the digital divide is broken, but how would laboratories and other working platforms be made online? Various dimensions to this concern were also brought to the fore in the event. The penetration and availability of technologies such as mobile phones, television and computers among the masses, coupled with some of the ingenious technologies presented in the conference, will improve accessibility to a great extent.

Pointing to the pedagogic lacuna, speakers said engineering students were rarely engaged in active learning and interdisciplinary studies. The National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning (NPTEL) is one such venture where the lectures from some of the top institutes in the country are available in the public domain. Speaking about it, M. S. Ananth, dean, IIT-M, said the programme was aimed at providing detailed and supplementary curricula to students enrolled in science and engineering institutions across the country.

Source: The Hindu