The truth about derivatives!

March 20, 2009

Struggling with last-minute revision?

Topper Gurus Prateeksha and Neha tackled queries by many a confused Class XII students, during a live chat on March 17 and 19!

For those who missed the chat, here is the transcript:


Gurusharan: Should we study chapterwise or solve maximum no of question papers?
Prateeksha Joshi and Neha Agarwal: Dear gurusharan, it is always advisable to study chapter-wise. Once you are done with that, practice questions frpm the Solved Board Exam Papers.


: What should be the final strategy to get full marks in maths exam? Whether we have to do past year's questions or ncert questions?
Prateeksha Joshi and Neha Agarwal: Hi, you should do both NCERT as well as past year papers, to give you an idea of paper style, and practice time management. All the best! Also, check out: Exam Cracker, Mock Papers and revise with Study online.


Jai: Hello mam i want to know how to define exponential series by AP plz giv some hints
Prateeksha Joshi and Neha Agarwal: Dear Jai, the exponential series is not as AP. The general term of the series is given by: a_n = x ^(n-1) / (n-1)!



Naveen: While integrating 2t^2 sec^2 t dt within the limits 0 and pi by 4 by parts, we get 2 t tant with limits 0 to pi by 4.....could u please tell me how to inegrate that.
Prateeksha Joshi and Neha Agarwal: Hey naveen, substitute tant as sint/cost. Then substitute cost= u which gives -sintdt = du and t = cos inverse u. Hence, the integral becomes integral of minus 2 cos inverse u du. This can be integrated by parts taking cos inverse u as the first function and 1 as second function.

Bharat goswami
: Hello maam...what amount of time shud be given to each section in maths paper?
Prateeksha Joshi and Neha Agarwal: Hey Bharat, you should allocate 40- 45 minutes to each section and keep the last 15-20 minutes for revision.



Irashah: Maam, is it really true that we will get maximum questions from our NCERT books in our board exams? Can you please tell which chapters need good practice from other reference books.
Prateeksha Joshi and Neha Agarwal: Hey Irashah, you will get questions similar to what you have in NCERT book. Practice with solved board exam papers.