Students find English Board Exam lengthy but easy

March 05, 2012
The CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) exam for class XII started yesterday, Thursday, March 2 with the English exam. For most of the students the English exam works as a breather and students mostly feel relaxed after taking this exam.

But the 2012 class XII English paper had a different story altogether. Even though, the paper was easy, it was very lengthy. The CBSE English exam was a three hour lengthy paper and students were required to manage their time really well for completing the exam.  The paper had 3 sections mentioned below:-

a)      Reading - 20 marks
b)      Advanced Writing - 35 marks
c)      Literature - 45 marks

A lot of students were unable to finish the exam in 3 hours. A class XII student from North Delhi quoted - "The paper was so lengthy that I did not get time for revision." Another student Ramesh from South Delhi quoted - "I couldn't complete my paper and I'll lose marks unnecessarily."

While some students in Delhi were agitated over the lengthy English paper, students from one of the examination centers in Lucknow came out smiling. Ashutosh, a class XII student and resident of Indranagar, Lucknow claimed that the paper was quite easy in comparison to the pre-board examination in their school. The next exam for class XII students is political science on March 3, while science students will appear for Physics exam on March 5.
Source: minglebox.com