Smart School Connect

July 20, 2011

With an idea and concept to establish a real communication system among the school, teachers and students; Topper has launched Smart School Connect. It aims to eliminate any sort of communication gap among the mentioned groups, provide advanced learning resources to them, and provide assistance in assignment and assessment management. This unique interaction system has features that were never thought of before!

Topper takes immense pride to present the Smart School Connect. It is an interesting way that has potential to eliminate the barriers in communication among the three communities. The school management, teachers and students can make use of it and derive great benefits. All of them have to just make their individual profiles on this communication system. Let's see how they can do it.

The Principal of a school can send messages, post news, and make announcements through his account and let the teachers and students know about it. Such updates automatically get reflected on the individual/multiple teachers' and students' dashboards.

The teachers can assign online & offline tests, and assignments to the students. They can attend to the students' queries and use Topper video lessons to prepare for an upcoming session. They can use the CCE resources and solved NCERT questions to make assignment management and research easier thereby devoting quality time to improve the performance of all the students in various batches. Automatic online reports are also available in four formats which help a teacher assess the performance of an individual or a group of students, and take remedial measures on time.

The students can also get benefited from this unique connect as they can interact online with the Principal, the teachers and with each other to share information. The students can use Topper's advanced learning resources like online video lessons, NCERT textbook solved questions, solved board papers and much more on a click. They can also take online tests assigned by the teachers, and assess their own performance through the two reports at their disposal.

To realize this concept, the kind of efforts and logical competence that have gone in preparing this connect is being appreciated by the education community nation wide. This has been created keeping in mind the future of online education in India with the growth of Internet and its reach to the urban and rural sectors.


Team Topper!