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Smart Education

August 19, 2011

Present is the age of computers, Internet and social networking. Some smart people thought of utilizing the present rage in the field of education. They came up with learning through Internet, better known as e-learning.  This can provide innumerable benefits. It makes learning more effective. This is so because, we learn and retain more through graphics and visuals. Some of the important benefits are listed below.


Benefits of e-learning

Better understanding of the concept through graphics, visuals and examples one can relate himself to.

Quick clearance of doubt from experts and peers as e-learning portals often provide social networking features among a given group.

Learning up to one's own comfort as you can go through a chapter when you feel like doing so.

Quick sharing of information among a group.

Development of qualities like sharing and working in a team.

Enhancement of computer and Internet proficiency, which is the demand of present times.

Educationists from across the globe have started realizing the importance of e-learning. Some have even started implementing its one or the other form in their institution. If you talk about such advancements in India, there are many examples of schools and institutions which believe in educating their students in the most advanced way. One of the examples is Gregorian Public School, Cochin. It has adopted Smart School Connect. This is a product from Greycells18 Media Pvt Ltd. It has been designed to establish real time communication among three communities of an institution. They are the school, teachers and students. Is your school taking any step for the betterment of you and your peers? You can help them by sharing this piece of information.