SMART Arithmetic Tricks and Videos - FASTEST way to calculate!

August 16, 2012

To be a math genius you need to know some simple and easy tricks which can help you calculate difficult mathematical problems in few seconds.

Watch these smart videos and learn the fastest Arithmetic Tricks in just  4 minutes!!


 Are you smart and sharp enough to mentally calculate square root of any number in just 5 seconds??

Well if no then watch this video and you will be doing square roots mentally and that too in few seconds!!



 Can you mentally divide a big complex number with 9 in just 6 seconds?

If not then in next 3 minutes you would be able to divide any big digit by 9 in seconds!!




 Can you Multiply a big digit with another big digit in less than 5 seconds?

Multiplying would now be so easy with this excellent multiplication trick.



That'z not all. We will be back with many more tips and tricks to calculate much much much FASTER!!!