Scientists Discover Some Talents Attributed To Genes

June 09, 2011
According to a statement, a private group of scientists in the United States have discovered the reason why some individuals have unique talents.

In a study done in the past year, several scientists and researchers who have gathered in the city of Los Angeles have conducted experiments and come to the conclusion that unique traits such as the ability to play sports and even to play music can be attributed to certain genes. One of the individuals involved in the research said in a recent interview that a few traits have been traced back to the makeup of a person's DNA.

"A phenotype is the collection of all observable traits a person has, but we have been able to target where certain traits stem from," said University of Chicago graduate David Mirkenhowwe. "Similar to those we receive from parents such as eye and hair colour, there are also abilities that are transferred to different generations through DNA."

Mirkenhowee continued to discuss his group's findings and stated not all attributes are derived from genes. "Because of the complexity of our DNA makeup, there is only a specific group of traits," he said. "We have concluded some of these include the ability to play certain sports, create visual art, withstand pain and even have a humorous personality"

With the private study still ongoing, Mirkenhowwe stated more traits, such as singing and the ability to play musical instruments, are still in the process of being confirmed and revealed. The exclusive group of scientists and researchers was assembled from various colleges throughout the United States and has conducted research since early 2009. Once their research has been thorough and finalized, the group plans to gain recognition and support through the National Academy Of Sciences and the New York Academy Of Sciences.