Relieve Stress During Exams

March 08, 2011

All of you must have taken several exams so far. You get a typical feeling and a kind of mental stress before the commencement of exam. Your heart beats a bit faster, you tend to breathe faster, and you feel restless and anxious. You get these even when you are completely prepared to crack the examination. This is because, you want to perform and score well in the examination. Though such occurrence of the given symptoms is natural yet might get aggravated and affect your performance at times. You need to keep them under check and not allow them to hinder your achieving of the goal.

There are ways which you can follow to relieve stress during exams. Two most important among them have been briefly described here in this article. Keep reading to learn about them. Practice them whenever you feel the need to.

Take Deep Breaths: Breathe deeply. Inhale slowly to your full capacity. Exhale out to completely vacate your body. Visualize the air going in your lungs and coming out of it through your nasal system. This will make you forget the exams and other related things for a while, making you feel fresh and energized.

Meditate for a While: It is always recommendable to meditate for about 10-15 minutes a day. Being new to the field of meditation, you might get distracted easily and thus might find it difficult to practice. However, there is an alternate way here. Visualize a place of your interest, where you always feel to go and spend time. Imagine you are there in such a place and doing whatever you have always longed for doing. Do it for about 15 minutes. You would feel happier, fresher and more energetic than before.