Question Of The Week: Why Don't Ships Sink?

May 06, 2009


Ever wondered why ships don't sink? Or why the chimney of a lantern has holes near the bottom?


Curious Topper readers posed these questions
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Subject: Physics


Q. What special qualities are given to the ship so that it can float on water?


Posted by: Neelimathegr8


A. The density of iron is more than the density of water. But still the ship does not sink because it has a large volume. So it displaces a large volume of water which provides a large upthrust. This upthrust balances the weight of the ship and helps the ship to float.



Subject: Chemistry


Q. Why does the chimney of a lantern have holes near the bottom?


Posted by: Shridhar94


A. The chimney of a lantern has holes near its bottom to allow proper combustion of fuel.