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NCERT Solutions for instant exam preparation within the shortest time period

June 03, 2011
The key reason behind furnishing good results in the CBSE exams basically comprise of studying hard and keeping all the relevant points under a firm grasp in order to retain most of the details. Studying in a streamlined and smarter manner will also help the candidates in generating better results. Through this means students will be able to mint results from their performance. In the exams of CBSE, most of the question papers are composed of the chapters that come directly through the NCERT books with a bit of alteration in the tone of the question.

Mostly students are uninterested in working on the problems that are issued behind the NCERT textbooks and workbooks. For them undertaking this activity is time consuming. But this actually is the best way to outshine in the exams which essentially comprise of NCERT solutions.

In order to derive well-made NCERT solutions, students can frame points after repeatedly going through the chapter. An attentive and comprehensive reading of the chapter will help derive the key parts of any chapter and hence through this means, students can radically enhance the conceptual understanding of the chapter for better NCERT solutions that will help derive better grades.

Before attempting any question with well formulated NCERT solutions it is very important that the students should go through the problem very carefully and with an analytical mindset. Only after carefully reading, understanding and analyzing the entire problem should one opt for working on an answer. The NCERT solutions completely depend on what the question asks for like comparison, explanation, illustration or even brief description. All the above referred answering mediums vary greatly from one another. The answer should therefore be accordingly furnished so that the question is dealt in the right light. NCERT solutions can vary from one word answers to long answers based on the marking scheme and depending on the question. In simpler terms NCERT questions can be one word, multiple choice, short answers or long answers. Hence NCERT solutions should be within the correct word limit so that even if there is a requirement for customization then it can be easily undertaken.
NCERT solutions should also comprise of a language structure that is simple and understandable, while it should be free from grammatical mistakes or any kind of error. Above all the answer should be crisp and informative rather than mere beating around the bush.


During the preparation period for exams, students should maintain their NCERT solutions in a very well organized manner so that they can be referred to at any point of the day whenever the need for revision arises. Organized solutions will be absolutely no time wastage and above this preparing and revising NCERT solutions will definitely help students memorize, understand, revise and grasp better. This can also be achieved by going online where students can find already solved quick fix NCERT solutions that help in saving time and furnishing better details through graphics, videos, animation etc. which prove to be very useful in up to date preparation for the CBSE exams.