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NCERT Books offering an entirely new scope of learning for both teachers and pupils

June 03, 2011
A very quick and systematic reform is being witnessed amongst educational systems in India. This can be particularly said of the schools that are based on the track of consistent improvement for a more advanced approach and evaluation strategy. Today the circumstances around every corner are dependent upon better time management and the best of mediums to do the same. A very similar point of view can be applied towards the National Council of Educational Research and Trainingor NCERT books which are meant for students across different stages of school life. These NCERT books are not just limited to the students but even the teaching staff can avail the benefits of these books.

NCERT is a very well established educational organization by the government of India. The headquarters of this apex setup is in New Delhi and it works towards the development of the educational system by means of policy implementation and through the provision of the best technical as well as academic support in the field of education. The primary functions of NCERT include training, development, research, extensions, and exchange, publication and dissemination programs. Under the publishing functionality, NCERT drafts and undertakes the publishing of NCERT books as per the decision of the knowledgeable subject faculty. Helping the council in this intricate task are the various support constituents like the National Institute of Education, The Central Institute of Education Technology, Pandit Sunderlal Sharma Central Institute of Vocational Education, The many Regional Institute of Education across cities like Ajmer, Bhopal, Mysore, Bhubaneswar and Shillong.

The books of NCERT are widely available and can be easily found in bookstores that are present all across the nation. NCERT books are developed in a way so as to provide a detailed insight into the subject matter. In order to furnish exclusive learning means, NCERT books explain the topic of discussion with effective examples and other learning mediums that can provide a better understanding of the topic being discussed.

NCERT offers ample of study material that is developed under the hands of subject experts. NCERT also brings out its special edition of workbooks apart from the text books that help in gaining a better grip of the subject. Apart from this NCERT books also include research reports, teachers' guides, supplementary readers etc.

Instructional NCERT books for teachers are highly upgraded because of the research and developmental work that is meant for the use of educators, trainees and teachers who are in service. NCERT books are published through the nation in three basic
languages which comprise of Hindi, English and Urdu. NCERT also comes up with its very own journals that are basically for the dissemination of practices and problems.

All the content developed for NCERT books comes through highly learned people who have been a part of the educational industry. Also international standards are incorporated into the content so as to provide an educational experience that is absolutely on a different scale.

The efforts of NCERT in producing teaching-learning materials are definitely paying off as the organization today stands as one of the most highly acknowledged education providers across India.