Is Class Room Coaching Necessary for Clearing Entrance Exams?

March 15, 2011

There is a rage among students to join coaching classes for preparing for an entrance exam that can give them entry into a reputed institution. Chances are there that you too are pursuing a coaching course from local tutors or coaching organizations. If this is the case, you might be having a tough time. You hardly have time to relax at home and self-study. You have to run for tuitions 2-3 times a day, and this is an addition to attending the regular school or college. You have to continue doing this even during the final examinations.

You hardly get time to relax at home, read and understand all the concepts and prepare yourself for securing a high rank in the entrance examination. While leading such a fast and troublesome life, have you ever wondered if it is really necessary to attend coaching classes? To find out if it is required or not, let's note down what all things any coaching class provides and if those particular things can be obtained from any other sources.

Revision of the Entire Syllabus: Any coaching institute works to help you cover and revise the entire syllabus of the given subjects. They have teachers who are experts on a particular subject. Any teacher takes a topic and discusses it with you and your fellow classmates. I think, this is what happens in the school or college class rooms as well. You only need to pay attention to the teacher. Moreover, you can master a concept by grasping it and making it yours, which in turn is possible when you feel interested in learning it. When you are interested, you would definitely read at home. You might have queries and doubts. You can get them cleared by taking help from your teachers and online education sites like topperlearning.com.

Shortcuts to Solve long questions: Most of the coaching institutes and local tutors claim to provide shortcuts for solving questions which otherwise need time to get solved. This is particularly the case with Mathematics and Physics. Though such tricks are very much required to complete the entrance exam question paper well on time, you do not necessarily need to learn them by paying thousands of bucks to coaching institutes. You can learn and master them by being a master of the subject yourself and going through online coaching courses. You can subscribe most of such websites by paying a small amount annually.

Mock Tests to Track your Performance: The coaching institutes conduct mock tests to create a sense of competition among you and your peers and let you track your improvement with the course. Taking mock tests is required to build confidence for appearing and clearing an entrance exam. However, this is again something which is abundantly available online, and that too either free of cost or at comparatively much cheaper rate.

By going through the above account, you have collected some reasons for pondering over whether you should continue going to coaching classes and spend both money and your valuable time. Consider all the factors well and then come to any conclusion. Decide for your betterment.


Team TopperLearning