IIT-JEE: Cracking the success code

March 13, 2012
You have burnt the midnight oil to prepare for this one crucial exam to realise your engineering dreams. What does it take to succeed in the test? Experts share their strategies.

A childhood dream nurtured by ambitious parents for some or an entire year after school completely dedicated to preparing for one test for some others. Ultimately it all boils down to one day April 8, 2012, when the IIT-JEE is slated for.

Being the last year, the IIT-JEE continues to be as elusive and no one can really predict about. "There are no patterns that can be traced in JEE. No question is ever repeated," says R. Gurumurthy, who trains students for the JEE exam. "However, since it is likely that the exam would be scrapped from the next year, there is high probability that there will not be any radical change introduced this year. The pattern is expected to remain the same."

It is quite common to find students who have worked hard lose their cool in the last few days approaching the exam but students who have cracked the exam say it is important to remain clam. "JEE is about the concentrated effort you have put in over two years. There is not much that can be done in the days running up to the exam. So it is better that students read those areas they are thorough with. This can boost your confidence," says Chandranshu Nanda, a second-year student of IIT-Madras.

The last few days can be effectively spent by working out question papers of previous years and answering test series in a simulated timed environment. It will also help in better time management during the examination, say trainers.

"When students write the exam it is important to go through the entire question paper once. If you cannot crack a question beyond four minutes, move on. Instead you can spend the remaining time effectively in answering other questions," says Mayank N.K. Choudhary, a student of Biotechnlogy.
Source: thehindu.com