How to Make First Impression Good!

July 18, 2011
You all wish to be praised and liked by others. But do you really put any effort to make it happen? We do or don't, one thing is for sure you want it to happen. So, let's learn about some tips and techniques that can help you all make a positive and admirable first impression on others.

Cleanliness is key. The night before or the morning of school, take a shower or a bath, and make sure to wash your body and your hair. Also, remember to brush your teeth and hair in the morning. Some high schools have picture day on the first day, which is an even greater excuse to look great.

Pick out a good outfit. This is more important for girls then for guys, but it's good to wear clothes that make you feel good about yourself. Don't wear anything against your school's dress code, such as short-shorts or low-cut tops. Also, don't wear anything with bad language or racist pictures on them. This makes a horrible impression.

Don't be late! Show up a good 10-15 minutes before you're supposed to arrive at school. This gives you enough time to find your friends and catch up with them. Teachers hate it when kids are late, and on the first day, they'll probably let it slide, but beware, because they'll remember you as 'that kid who showed up 10 minutes late yesterday'.

Don't leave your schedule in your locker! On my first day of high school, many kids shoved their schedules into their lockers and tried to memorize their classrooms on their own, which only caused angry teachers. It sucks to have to ask your teacher "Are you my English teacher?" and having your teacher reply, "I don't know, check your schedule!". Plus, sometimes, if you admit you don't have it with you, your teacher will send you back to your locker to get it, which causes you to be late for class.

Listen to your teachers! This is especially important on the first day of school, because your teachers will be telling you what their expectations are, and what materials to bring to class. You don't want to go home and be confused as to what to bring to class tomorrow. Plus, your teachers might get mad at you if they catch you daydreaming.

Be friendly! It's important to impress your teachers, but it's equally (if not more) important to impress your classmates. After all, these are the people you hang out with and socialize with. Sometimes teachers will make you sit beside someone you don't know, and if that happens, don't just sit there awkwardly! Say hello, smile, and introduce yourself. You never know what potential friend, or girlfriend/boyfriend, could be sitting inches away from you!

Smell good. Simple as that! Whether you take a shower or put on a little bit of cologne/perfume, smell nice. It's horrible to be remembered as 'that kid who smells like an old gym sock'. Just make sure to put on just a little bit, because overdoing it will make you smell just as bad. Also, some kids are allergic to scents like perfume/cologne.

Don't play pranks on your teachers. With the exception of April Fool's Day, it's not okay to play pranks on your teachers. Even simple stuff like switching names with your best friend will seriously tick off your teachers! Besides, you're going to get busted for it eventually and once you do, you could get anything from detention to (depending on how bad your prank is) suspended or expelled!

Don't swear. This makes a bad first impression on everyone. Just because you know the words, doesn't mean you have to say them.
Don't make fun of others. Keep it to yourself, otherwise everyone will label you as a jerk. Making fun of others impresses nobody, and you could get reported to the principal.

Participate in class! If the teacher asks you a question that you know, don't be afraid to put your hand up and answer it! Your teacher will be pleased that you participate, and your fellow classmates will secretly be thankful to you, because it means they didn't have to answer the question themselves.

Print out a map of your school. Most schools will give you a map, but if not, print one out at home so you know your way around.
Source: wikihow