How to Calm the Post-Exam Nerves?

March 16, 2011

Most of you are done with all the papers or are soon going to do it. Those who belong to the former category are still not at ease. Those who belong to the latter category can understand their present state of mind as they definitely have come across such a situation in their previous post-exam experiences. During the post exam period you are under some kind of pressure and strain about the exam result.

You have expectation from yourself. You want to not only get a respectable score but also meet your parents' expectations. In other words, even after the exams, you do not feel free to play, watch TV, hang around with friends, and do many more things you find happiness in. Such a problem of yours finds a resolution only when the exam result is out. However, you can follow some ways to calm yourself. Go through the following account to learn about them.

You might be thinking hard everyday about how much you are going to score in the exam. You might be evaluating the question papers time and again to calculate your expected total score. If you are doing all that, stop it. The reason is simply the fact that nothing can be changed in your answer sheet now. Hence, nothing can change your exam score now.

Stay away from loading yourself from unnecessary tensions and stress. However, if you want to learn the solutions or answers to any of the questions that you couldn't answer in the exam, you are always appreciated to do that. You can find out the answers from topperlearning.com data base. You can also directly ask your query on the 'live chat' feature of this website.

I know what I have suggested in the above paragraph is easier said than done. You have to try really hard to lead a tension free life post exam. However, you should not stop trying. You can make this task easier by bringing some changes to your mentality and attitude. Be a bit 'free' with your attitude.

Think - 'it is today where I can enjoy. I would leave all the tensions for tomorrow. Whatever is going to happen will happen and I am ready to face that. I know I have done well and so I would get good score. Set the last day before the declaration of exam result as the day for taking stress.' Think like this and you would be able to better enjoy this period.

If the suggestions put forth till now here in this article don't seem like working in your case, you can look forward to following a third alternative. Pursue some course. It can be about computer operation, cooking, drawing, painting and the likes. The idea is to engage yourself in something of your interest. Do it as you would only gain and improve your talent and yourself as a person.

Hope, the above suggested ideas and tips come to your help in leading a hassle- and trouble-free life post exam. Hope, you pass the class with flying colors. Enjoy!!!