How to Build a Personality

June 27, 2011
Having a good personality can help improve your social life, help you in school and in your career and guarantee a happier life in general. Some people have particularly magnetic and charismatic personas, while other people are strong listeners and advice-givers. In cultivating and nourishing an individual personality, it is important to have the ability to build on and develop strengths, while at the same time acknowledging and working to improve on the weak points in your personality. There are ways to build and develop a personality that truly reflects who you would like to be.

Display a genuine interest in others: The more curiosity you have in other people and things, the more you will be able to learn about the world, which can enhance your personality and the way you come across. Learn what makes other people tick by asking a lot of open-ended questions about life goals, hobbies, favorite television shows and movies, sports and other topics of interest.

Have a goal for your life: Many strong personalities are shaped and molded by big visions and goals for life. Determine what it is that you want to accomplish most with your time on the planet, whether it is to start up a charitable organization or become a successful painter. Setting goals is a major step on the road to developing a more engaging and fascinating personality with purpose and intent.

Be an active listener: Although most people are happy to discuss themselves but it's refreshing to encounter a person who is happy to listen with interest. Engage other people sincerely and do your best to make them feel valued and special. The better you make other people feel about themselves, the better they will probably feel about you.

Know your faults: To identify and develop what it is good about you, it is important to first admit and acknowledge your negative points. Having the ability to say that you are not perfect can be endearing because it is so rare --- most people try to ignore and push away things that they don't like about themselves. But you can't change what you don't acknowledge.

Expand your mind: Become a more intriguing and well-rounded person by widening your universe. Learn to speak German, travel to Costa Rica to learn surfing, design your own clothing, take cooking classes; if you are interested in something, pursue it. Avoid excuses such as not having enough time --- after all, you only have one life to live.

Be an honest person. Honesty and openness are some of the most compelling personality traits that you can possess. The more honest you are as an individual, the more likely other people will like you and want to align with you. Remember that the more honest you are, the more honest others will be with you. With honesty, the authenticity of your personality will shine through.

A Great Tip: Surround yourself with personality types that you find inspiring and interesting. To enhance your personality, spend time with people who have characteristics and skills that you admire and wish to possess yourself (whether self-confidence or solid communication abilities) -- they may rub off on you.
Source: eHow.com