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December 21, 2011

Someone has rightly said that the best way to learn is self-study. When you sit in silence in a calm atmosphere and most importantly in a learning mood, you tend to focus on what you read. You tend to go into the depths of the ideas and thoughts hidden behind the words. You subconsciously tend to store what you learn in your permanent memory. Hence, you remember the same for a relatively long period of time.


Whatever has been written above holds truth in majority of the cases. But there is one more thing that carries universal truth. It is that you cannot learn something without questions arising in your head. It is natural to face some difficulty, some sort of doubt and some queries while learning a new concept. If you wish to gain mastery on that concept, it is very important for you to get all your questions answered and doubts cleared.


If the above case arises, which has high probability to arise, what do you do? You go to a teacher or take help from a senior. You can always do that, and you should do that. But do you actually do it? Many of you would say no. There is some sort of hesitation and shyness in kids which restricts them from going to teachers for doubt-clearance.


Topper understands you and it has what you need. It presents you 'Live Chat.' Here, you need to just log in to topperlearning.com and get into the conversation with subject experts. Ask them anything related to the subject and get your queries cleared. To make this session more organized, Topper has devoted a day in a week to a particular subject. You can check the Chat Schedule anytime and manage your time accordingly.


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