Get Super Prepared to Crack AIEEE

December 16, 2011
The AIEEE consists of two papers; first paper comprising objective type questions from subjects like, mathematics, physics and chemistry; second paper consisting of objective type questions from mathematics, aptitude test and drawing test. The first paper is meant for getting the B.E. / B.Tech admissions and the second paper is for B.Arch. / B.Planning. Some of the important aspects of preparing for the exam involve the following points

    Now the online services are improved a lot and there are many free online tests available; one can use those services in their leisure time to enhance their knowledge; but finding the best sites, which one could trust is really significant! Great, you are presently on India's no. 1 education website.
    Working out on time is a very important concept; it would be really appropriate to allot time to each question, while preparing for the exam. Try to get solved, half an hour before the actual timings; i.e. while practicing the sample question papers, try to complete within two and a half hours; hence the remaining half an hour would be ample enough for revising and verifying the answers.
    If you are stuck up with a question, then leave the question and move on to the next one. But later, make sure that you are giving attempt to all the left out questions.
    Try practicing the sample questions in the same format of the original question paper, i.e. the shading part of the question paper, etc. this could be done only through imagination, but practicing such small things would ease the exam pressure and it would also make you familiar to such practices; when one's mind is familiar to some things, or concepts, then it is likely to make one comfortable to the same.
    Try concentrating on the logics of concepts, rather memorizing the formulas and procedures. Develop your own methodologies to solve a problem; this imparts confidence at the first place.
    Also it is advisable to undergo group discussion with friends and classmates, as such ways will expose you to the other's alternative methodologies to solve the paper. But try to collaborate with friends, matching up with your frequency; the ultimate objective of such methods is to boost our confidence and energy and not otherwise!
    Concentrate on your speed of solving the problems. Analyze the different categories of possible questions and plan a suitable strategy to solve each one of them.
    Prepare yourself without stress and strain; developing such attitude would fetch you good results, as sound mind could think energetically!
    The 'out of box thinking' helps in segmenting the entire preparation process; it also improves the focus of concentration, but not every person does this! When two or more persons bear the same cut-off marks in AIEEE, then the inter-se merit of the students would be determined by the AIEEE by comparing the student's AIEEE mathematics marks first and followed by their physics marks and their ages; in case of engineering admissions and in case of architectural and planning admissions, it compares the student's AIEEE aptitude marks first and followed by the mathematics marks and their ages.
Hence, being aware of such procedures and practicing accordingly would fetch more marks than the competitors.
    AIEEE doesn't need any premium coaching classes. If you are familiar with concepts in NCERT books then you can score good in this test. You can find the complete and detailed solution to NCERT, R D Sharma Textbooks in Textbook Solutions on topperlearning.com.
    Speed and Accuracy is also an important factor to crack AIEEE exam.
    Do no forget to practice last year AIEEE papers.
    Numerical and Theory part should be given equal importance while preparing.
    The biggest difference between CBSE and AIEEE is CBSE focus on theory part whereas AIEEE focus on numerical part.

Source: http://entrance.icbse.com