Get 100 per cent prepared for cracking AIEEE!!!

December 23, 2011

Cracking entrance exams has become the utmost important requirement to build a bright career. This is particularly so if you wish to become an engineer. Pursuing an engineering degree from tier 1 colleges in India not only helps you get recruited in multinational firms but also sets a fantastic start to your career. To get admitted into first class engineering colleges in the country, you need to crack AIEEE and secure a high rank. And to crack this highly competitive exam, you need to prepare yourself well enough to beat millions of others.

You can achieve your goal with your hard work, perseverance and guidance from experts on entrance exams. No one else can help you much in fulfilling the first two requirements. However, Topper has tried to extend its help to you in fulfilling all the three criteria. For you, it launches AIEEE CRACKER. This is an initiative to help you get guidance towards working in the right direction.

AIEEE pack is basically a compilation of various forms of tests. Practicing taking these tests enables you to apply your knowledge in solving problems. With the problem solving skill developing with time, you also get to know about your present stand and scope for improvement. Following is a brief summary of the different forms of tests AIEEE pack presents to you.

High Quality Tests

Diagnostic Chapter Test: Check your preparedness for AIEEE syllabus.

Fixed Chapter Test: Get two separate tests on each chapter to check your preparedness in individual chapters.

Remedial Test: Be the master on answering questions asked in different forms from the entire syllabus.

Test Generator: Create numerous tests on chapters in which you feel you need to practice more.

Mock Tests: Get a simulation of AIEEE. Practice to appear in the final exam with confidence.

Assessment Reports

Snapshot Report: Get a summary of your performance in any specific test and on its basis get a probable rank in AIEEE.

Question-Wise Report: Get detailed explanation to all the questions asked in the test along with the tips to remember wherever required.

Time-Management Report: Get analysis of your time management and accuracy level while taking the test.

Topic Wise Report: Get an overview of your performance in individual topics.

Remedial Report: Get to learn about the topics you need to improve on.

AIEEE pack is a wonder engineering entrance exam preparation package. Make the best use of it to come out of the crowd as the winner. All the Best!!


Team Topper!