Explore Beyond Books and Enjoy your holidays

May 08, 2012

Yipee! Summer vacations are approaching and your joy seems to find no boundaries!

It's the perfect time to do whatever you wanted to do but couldn't do because of lack of time due to exams, tuitions and classes. You never had that 'Free Time' which you could devote in doing something new, exploring something fresh, grooming your hobbies and brushing up your talent.

Well, no such worries now! We are offering a platform where you can do whatever is there in your wish list during this summer vacation. We present you 'Beyond Books' for making your vacation a fun learning experience.

You can cook a delicious recipe in the kitchen, learn the latest dance form, play your favorite song on a musical instrument, draw the rising sun on a sheet and fill it with your choice of colors…..You have plenty of time for doing all these and many more activities you find fun and pleasure with Beyond Books and that too for absolutely no cost!

Great, isn't it?

Best of all, you can also participate in exciting contests run by Beyond Books and win weekly and combo goodies as well. So are curious to know more about it? Here is some useful information about our Fun Holiday Package for you.