EXAM ALERT! Tough biology concepts, made SIMPLER

March 27, 2009

Your science board exam is on March 28. Will you be asked about sustainable development or is it about the largest cell in the human body? 

Well, this was one of the questions asked by stressed students during a live chat with Topper Biology Expert Deepika Chaudhary on March 27.

Here are the answers to these questions and more! 

Siddhant: Hello maam, what is the need for multicellular organisms to have chemical coordination within the cell?

Deepika Chaudhary: It's a method of control and coordination in these organisms.


Samsan: Mam, what is the difference between speciation and evolution? How are they linked?

Deepika Chaudhary: Speciation is a part of evolutionary process. For more details refer to solved board exam papers.


Swati: Can u pls tell me how to answer this question How is the increase in demand for energy affecting our environment adversely?(for 1 mark)

Deepika Chaudhary: As energy demand increases, more and more natural resources are exploited. Also, the combustion of these fuels produces toxic gases that pollute the environment.


Sauhard: Suggest some approaches towards the conservation of forests.

Deepika Chaudhary: 1. Participation by local people 2. Establishing protected areas like natural parks etc. For indepth knowlege refer to study online.


Samsan: Mam, how does gene frequency in a population change? Give three ways.

Deepika Chaudhary: Genetic drift, geographical isolation, reproductive isolation. For more details you can refer to mock papers, exam cracker.


Sauhard: What are the various factors on which sustainable development depends?

Deepika Chaudhary: It depends on people's participation and government organisations.


Samsan: Mam what is double fertilisation?

Deepika Chaudhary: The union in flowering plants of 2 sperm nuclei. One sperm nucleus unites with the egg to form the diploid zygote, from which the embryo develops, and the other unites with two polar nuclei to form the triploid, primary endosperm nucleus. Watch these exam special videos.


Samsan: Please give two factors on which rate of photosynthesis depends?

Deepika Chaudhary: It depends on: Intensity of light amount of carbon dioxide.