Entrance Exams

April 16, 2011
With increasing competitions among the students, entrance exams have become the preferred mode of admitting students to various undergraduate and postgraduate courses. This is especially true for the professional courses. Thus for building a successful career, most students need to prepare for some or other competitive exams at some stage of their life.
The primary reason for making competitive entrance examination as the preferred mode of admission is because of the impartiality that they ensure. The system of common admission test or common entrance test has also helped the students in appearing in multiple exams at one go.

Common Entrance Tests

Some significant additions to the common entrance tests are the Common Admission Retail Test (CART) and Common Law Admission Test (CLAT). However, some institutes continue to conduct their own entrance tests. Therefore it is very important to know about the details of all the entrance tests that are taking place in the country.

On this page, we have tried to provide details about the various entrance exams that take place in India. We have tried to cover Engineering Entrance Exams, Medical Entrance Tests, Management Entrance Exams, Common Entrance Tests, Online Entrance Exams and other such entrance exams that are conducted in India.

Efforts are also being made to provide all the necessary details about these entrance exams so that students do not face any problem while applying for these entrance exams.

So, Please find links mentioned below to access details about Indian Engineering Entrance Exams or Medical Entrance Test, Online Entrance Exams, Common Entrance Tests, Law Entrance Tests and such other entrance exams.
Source; The Hindu