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Education dept meet on admission to CBSE school-test students today

June 28, 2011
MUMBAI: State education minister Rajendra Darda will meet senior officials from the education department and Maharashtra State Board of Education on Monday to check the legalities involved in giving the go-ahead for admissions to CBSE students who took the school-based exam. On Saturday, the department decided to let CBSE students who took the school-based test apply to junior colleges in the state. A final notification to this effect will be coming out on Monday.

V Radha, the in-charge secretary of the school education department, said, "We have decided to give admissions to CBSE students who have taken the school-based test offline after the online admission process is over. Though we have decided to give them admissions on the basis of the marks they will receive from the board, we want to check if there is any legality involved."

A decision on whether admissions given to these students should be final or provisional will be taken on Monday and a notification would be released. If admissions given to these students are provisional, the state will also take a decision on how and when the students should be given a final admission. However, the state plans not to complicate things for students.

Since admissions for students with school-based test scores would be offline, a section of parents are worried about not being able to get in to the best city colleges. These students will not be eligible for merit-based online admissions and will have to apply offline after August 10.
Source: Timesofindia