Did you tell us all about YOU? Do it today- on My Profile!

July 14, 2010
At Topper, you say it best, when you say it all. That's why you have your very own Personal profile on Topper- My Profile! Now have your own unique identity and show what you've got! Having your own cool profile lets you do so many things...Receive updates from your friends and share your own updates with them, compare your test scores with other test takers and add your personal touch to your Dashboard- Do it all!

What's so special about my profile?
Your Profile is who you are! It is your virtual self that would represent you in every benchmark you create on Topper. Here's all that it promises-
*Get updates from friends
*Share your own updates from friends
*Get your test scores compared with other test takers
*Personalise your dashboard even more
*Share your hobbies and achievements
*Share your contact information and make friends
*Help us serve you even better
How do I complete my Profile?
Step 1: Just login on www.topperlearning.com.  After logging in, you'll be automatically directed to your personalised 'Dashboard page'!
Step 2: On your dashboard page, click 'My Profile' on the left panel
Step 3: Fill up your profile information- General, Personal details, Contact details and preferred settings

So what are you waiting for? Update Your Profile NOW!