CBSE class XII Science topper shares his success mantra!

January 10, 2012
With a score of 97.4% in CBSE Class XII, an AIR of 1089 in IIT JEE and the perfect score of 400/450 in BITSAT, Aditya Grover is on cloud nine. A movie enthusiast and an aspiring engineer, this DPS RK Puram's student believes that some sacrifices have to be made to achieve your dreams. In a chat with Pritika Ghura, Grover talks about his success mantra, future plans and why online coaching is such a boon.

Q1) Congratulations on that perfect score. What was your success mantra?

Ans) It is very important for you to set a realistic schedule. Set targets that are achievable and try to achieve these targets even if you have to burn the midnight oil. Class XII can be very stressful as students have to prepare for both Board exams as well as entrances. However, one must make a timetable and stick to it. Work hard for two years and then you can reap its benefits forever. I love movies and it has been two years that I haven't watched any new movie. Such sacrifices are important if you want to achieve your dream. Besides studying regularly, one should also listen to their teachers and get all their doubts clear. Teachers play a very important role in your success.

Q2) What advice will you give to students who will take class XII exams this year?

Ans) Like I said, class 12th is very important for your career. Hence, I would recommend that you stay away from all possible distractions and stay focused towards your goal. Your commitment to your goal and hard work will never go waste. Cracking Board exams is no rocket science. Once you score well in your class XII and entrance exams, your career will be set. Also try to listen to your teachers when they're telling you something. However, do not take unnecessary stress. Relax and give yourself breaks from time to time.

Q3) Do you think it is difficult for science students to score well in CBSE Class X11 exams as they have to prepare for entrance exams also?

Ans) It is a challenge to score well in CBSE board exams as you're also preparing for your engineering entrance exams. However, the only way to do well in both board as well as engineering entrances is time management and putting in extra efforts. Also try finding a coaching institute which will allocate classes in such a way that it does not disturb your study schedule. I followed topperlearning.com extensively as it is accessible anytime of the day and so didn't disturb my normal schooling and studying schedule. Though I found the entire website extremely helpful, I particularly followed some features of it. They are Textbook Solutions, Ask the Expert, Sample Papers and Exam Resources.

As the exam approaches, this website starts various features to help students prepare well and do better in the final exams. Live Chat with the Topper expert is one of them. I used to be online almost everyday between 4 and 5 p.m. in the evening in the months of January and February. I used to note down all my doubts and put them before the subject experts. I owe a lot to their timely assistance and guidance. Topper organizes Pre Board exams somewhere in the month of Jan. In 2011, I had appeared in it and had done satisfactorily. Being among the first 10, 000 registrants, I had got some valuable feedback based on my performance in the exam from its experts. That boosted my confidence a lot and guided me how to do better in the final exam. Do check out for these features to get an edge over others.

Q4) Do you think coaching classes are helpful in achieving the desired score?

Ans) Coaching institutes help you till an extent as they give you study material, practice papers, etc. However, I didn't join any coaching institute as I love to study in my own ways, anytime of the day or night. This was the reason I decided to follow topperlearning.com as it allowed me to use it anytime on my own terms. Self study, practice and dedication are three keys to achieve success.

Q5) What advise will you give to students who have not fared well in their exams?

Ans) Even if you haven't performed well in Class XII exams or engineering exams, it is not the end of the world. There is always the next time. The world is full of opportunities for you, you should just be ready to work hard and stretch your arms to reach for them. I will like to wish all of them Good Luck!
Reference: cbse.learnhub.com