Board exams: What YOUR examiner looks for!

March 23, 2009

Stressed about your upcoming board exams? Wondering what examiners look for in your answers?

Well, during a live chat with Topper expert Prateeksha, students got all the answers to these questions!

Here is the transcript:

: what are the points teacher looks for when marking the answer ?
prateeksha_j: Hi Prateek, examiners look for step-wise solution as there are marks for the steps in CBSE. Also, a nice presentation makes all the difference 
rubin: the best way to solve my maths paper on time i am not that good in maths.
prateeksha_j: Hi Rubin, well to answer the paper in time first of all be through in the preparation. Then practice some mock papers to help you manage time. Don' spend too much time on a question if you are stuck. You can always come back to it at the end. Be calm and don't be nervous during the exam. Also, CBSE gives 15 minutes of reading time -- make sure you use that. 
deepti: is it advisible to do questions of higher weightage first ??
prateeksha_j: Yes Deepti. It is better to start with  six markers. There are two reasons for it. Incase you are not able to finish the paper then the loss will not be too much and other generally 6-mark questions are well-known and straight-forward questions. So, solving them will give you a moral boost. 
jayesh: is there any step marking in mathematics papr
prateeksha_j: Hi Jayesh, there is a step-wise marking in Maths papers. Practice with these mock papers and get an idea about the marking scheme.