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Beyond Books: Visit, Enjoy and Win!

May 21, 2011

Cook a delicious recipe in the kitchen, dance in front of television, play your favorite song on a musical instrument, draw the rising sun on a sheet and fill it with your choice of colors…..You have plenty of time for doing all these and many more activities you find fun and pleasure in.

The summer vacations have started and your joy seems to find no boundaries. You wish to do all those things that you restrain yourself from doing due to lack of time to spend on them. Well, no such worries now! Summer vacation has started. What do you want to do? Dance, play, draw, click pictures, write poems, cook or even make toys of your choice. Do whatever you feel like as the world is yours and you are the boss of your time.

Whatever be in your wish list for this summer vacation, you would always love to gain expertise on that. You can seek guidance from teachers running classes in your locality or by watching videos available online as well as off line. There can be some other ways as well.  By spending some time, labor and money, you can manage to have it available for you. But, what if we provide such classes to you, and that too for absolutely no cost? Wonderful, isn't it?

We had asked this question to some kids, and they were excited to have such a learning and entertaining product from Topper. As we are devoted to help kids learn and excel in not only academic but also extra-curricular activities, we have come up here with something that you would like to follow.

We present you 'Beyond Books' for making your vacation a fun learning experience. What's more? You can participate in it, become popular among your friends and other fellow visitors of Topper, and even win exciting prizes. Feeling curious to know about it in detail? Here is some useful information about our Fun Holiday Package for you:

Talent Hunt: This particular section includes pictures, cartoons, poems and paintings. You might be good at one or more of these activities. Whatever be the case, upload your creative piece here and share it with the entire world. It will be open to be shared on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, receiving comments and votes from other visitors of our website. If it happens to get the highest number of votes in a given time (which will generally be a week), you will be declared as the WINNER! We at Topper would acknowledge your success with fantastic gifts. So, Hurry up! Visit this section and make your holidays a winning time!

Hobby Classes: Dance, music, food and toys! Can your vacation go well without any one of these? I bet your answer is a big NO! Do you find interest in learning and gaining excellence in any form of dance, playing any type of musical instrument, cooking delicious foods or making articles with paper and waste materials available at home? If yes, then this section is certainly a thing for you! Visit it to watch videos on the activities mentioned here. Majority of the videos are meant for helping a beginner, in a given activity, learn it and excel in an organized manner. It will be simply an amazing learning experience. You can upload videos showcasing your personal experience with a given activity with your friends and fellow visitors of the site. Here too, your entries will be open to be shared, commented and voted for by other visitors.  

Summer Trivia: Do you know why do we have summer season, why do people prefer to wear light colored clothes in summer, how does a ceiling fan make you feel cold? Visit Summer Trivia to get answers to all these questions and many more similar ones. Following this section on a regular basis would not only tickle your brain about your surroundings but also help you get a lead over others in terms of general knowledge. Alike Talent Hunt and Hobby Classes, you can upload a query. You can either seek answers from other visitors or upload it yourself if you know the correct answer to that query. Here, you can have sharing of knowledge with the world!

Home Work Help: Vacations always come with home tasks. But don't worry. Topper is always here to help you complete home assignments with excellence. Visit this section of 'Beyond Books' to get assistance in completing holiday home work. Here, you would find some interesting project ideas to do. Consider working upon them to enhance your skills and knowledge.



Team Topper!