Best Education Website is Even Better Now

December 06, 2011

Dear Users! There is always some scope for betterment, even for perfect entities. Topper was looking for possibilities to make itself even better. Topper took opinions, suggestions and advices from its regular followers. After all, it wanted to become friendlier-to-use for them.

Topper worked on the improvement aspects as suggested by its users for a couple of months. Today, it has presented itself in a whole new look. Its new appearance is more attractive to look at. It is now easier to navigate as well. Most of the features of the site that you frequently look for have been placed on the home page. This has been done to help you open what you want instantly.

What's more? The video player of the videos has also been improved. So, you can rest assured that you can learn any new concept or revise any already-read concept faster and better. You can reach the non-academic content with equal comfort and easiness as they too have been placed in more visible areas of the site pages.

Old or New, it is your Topper. It is the same educational website the aims to assist you score excellent marks in exams. It is the same Topper that provides you with interesting articles and short stories for self-improvement.

Though we have tried our best and have left no stone unturned to make the website friendlier to navigate and use its features for your benefits. However, being a unique person, that you are, you may have views and opinions different from others. In case, you feel something not good on the site or something needs improvement, do wrote to us at contactus@topperlearning.com.

Or call us on 0120 - 6667710


Team Topper!