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Be a Well Dressed Kid to Grab Attention!

September 23, 2011
Well dressed school kids
Many of you might have got scolded by parents and teachers because of wearing dusty shoes, dirty shirt; having overgrown nails, uncut hair, and other similar reasons. Have you ever wondered what they want to tell you? They want you to be well-dressed and presentable. Being well-dressed and well-groomed benefits you in a number of ways. You are loved and respected in your family, friends' circle and any other social group. To look presentable at all the times, follow the following tips.

What comprises being well groomed?

    You must wear the right combination of clothes. They must not look showy. A soberly dressed person may appear to be a gentleman.
    Hair should be in perfect shape. An odd hairdo may put off a person. A person who has not had a hair-cut for a very long time may appear very shabby and uncouth.
    Nails must be well cut and shaped. It also reflects how meticulous you are.
    Accessories must be well selected. The jewelry one wears must not look odd. It should match the attire.
    Be careful with the kind of shoes you wear. Keep them clean and well-polished. People do notice the feet.
    Make sure that your face is clean and clear. If its too oil, wash it with water twice or thrice a day. If it's dry, apply a moisturizing lotion to keep it conditioned.
    Do not wear too many finger or ear rings. They do not make a person look good.
    Do not apply nail paints while going to school or college. Keep your nails cut and clean.
    Try to iron your clothes before putting them on. It makes you look sincere and disciplined. It also increases the life of your clothes.

Team Topper