All about Headaches!!

June 27, 2012



Nowadays, getting headache is one of the most common medical complaints - nearly everyone gets a headache at some point of time in their life. But do you know what causes it?



What is a Headache?

A headache is a pain which is sensed in the nerves and muscles of the head and neck, as well as the meninges (the membranous coverings of the brain and spinal cord). Our brain itself cannot sense pain, so a headache has nothing to do with our brain hurting rather it is a pain somewhere around our brain, being picked up by nerve endings located in our head.



Did you know?

90 % of entire world populations have had HEADACHE at some point of time in their lives.

75 % have episodes of HEADACHE

50% have  severe HEADACHE

25% have recurring severe HEADACHE

12% have Migraine HEADACHE

4%  have Chronic Daily HEADACHE