A Bit of Old Civilizations Delivered to your School

July 19, 2011
Now students can get a feel for the culture of the ancient civilisations, instead of just reading about them as a part of their curriculum. The Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Museum has created replicas of different artefacts from the Harrapan culture to enable a better understanding of the age-old cultures and also make the experience an enjoyable one.

The kit, which includes replicas of different artefacts from the Indus valley civilisations, will be circulated among several city schools for minimal rental charges. According to information provided by Bilwa Kulkarni, education officer, the decision of making the replicas was taken after taking into account the mundane tone of history textbooks which introduce kids to different ancient civilisations. "Sometimes, students are brought to museum to view the ancient artefacts.

However at a museum, one can just see the structures, and is not allowed touching anything. Instead, these replicas will give students a chance to actually feel what is being described in their textbooks. This will not only allow the kids a better understanding of the subjects but will also ensure that they enjoy while learning," said Kulkarni, explaining the objective behind creating the replicas.
The first kit launched by the museum includes important artefacts from the Harrapan civilisation. The kit includes replicas of a dancing girl, different animal images, mother Goddess and toys.

According to information provided by Kulkarni, the entire kit can be given to schools on rent with some security deposit. "This is strictly non-profit venture. Considering the expenditure of creating the replicas and their maintenance, there will be minimal rent charged. However figures for rent and the security deposit have to be decided yet," said Kulkarni.

The museum had conducted an introductory session for which several school representatives were invited. Vijaya Karadikar, history teacher, Air India Modern School, Kalina who attended the session said, "While museum is really a must trip for all school students to understand history, now when you get to touch and feel the ancient cultures explained in the book, it is certainly welcome."

Source: dnaindia.com