Ten Things to Do Before Any Big Exam!

January 19, 2015 | 351 Views (2)

Here are ten things you should do to score Excellent Marks in your exams.

Do Polishing!!- Don't miss the word 'Polishing' -- The day before your test is hopefully a day when you have already mastered the material. So it is just a matter of giving that material an extra POLISH.

Eat Well-balanced Meals - Always remember this phrase- 'You are what you eat?' Therefore; be sure to keep your brain and body in right condition by feeding it with the nutritious and healthy diet.

Remember to Feed your Ruminator! -- Whatever you do, think and see in the last 45 Minutes before falling asleep is what your brains ruminate on throughout the night. So it's to your advantage to feed it with all those things which you want to remember for the next day's exam.

Always Envisioning Your Success -- Just before drifting off to sleep, create a virtual picture of yourself successfully attempting your exam. It would be most effective if you practice it every night. Even one day before your examinations you could make a significant difference in creating better exam results with this practice.

A Good Night's Sleep is the key! - Make sure that you get a sound sleep of 7-8 hours to perform at your best in exams.

Eat Your Breakfast Properly - On the day of exam keep your body and mind in balance. Don't over stress the night before your exams otherwise you will feel sleepy throughout the exam.

Do Light Exercise - Doing light exercise will surely help you feel good and energized at the same time, and will help get more oxygen to your brain.

Do A Light Review - Just before appearing for exam glance through your exam preparation materials for one more time, and don't forget to do any last minute checks if you feel a need.

Keep the Exam in Perspective - Relax, it's just an exam, not the end of life on this planet. Just allow yourself to relax a bit and let your worries go.

Breathe!! -- A lot of students tense up at the last moment, and lose the mental balance which is required just before attempting an exam. Therefore, take a shallow breathe. Be sure to breathe deeply from the diaphragm. This will surely relax your muscles and you will feel confident.

So the next time you facing any big exam, follow these simple yet wonderful tips and create great exam results!