How to Prepare for CBSE 12th Physics Exam?

January 22, 2014 | 3316 Views (0)
The class 12 board exams are very important in the academic lives of all students. If the students get good marks in this exam, the possibility for them to secure admission into the course of their choice is high. If the marks they secure are low, they will end up blemishing their entire career. Getting above 90 percent on the CBSE class 12 exams in PCM, in a nutshell, can be both rewarding as well as mind boggling.

Tips and Tricks to Prepare for the Physics Exam

These are some of the tips you can make use of at the time of their exams

- Make sure that you read every chapter thoroughly. The questions may be direct or indirect.

- Knowing all the concepts will help the students answer effortlessly.

- Make short notes about derivations in each and every chapter. In addition to this, writing down the proofs will also be good.

- It would be very helpful for you if you make an all inclusive list of formulae.

- You can try out all the numerical type questions.

- Revise again and again. Never think that you know it all.

- Solving sample papers will be of immense help to you as you would get familiar with the general question paper pattern.

Scoring high marks in CBSE board exams needs thorough preparation. You can prepare well for it with thorough revisions and repeated practice of tackling questions asked from any part of the syllabus. Fulfill these few requirements to shine in the CBSE board exam.