Tips to Attempt the Exam Paper Efficiently

February 17, 2014

Learning your syllabus is easier than reproducing it on the answer sheet in an efficient manner. In fact, the latter is very important to score well. Presentation and systematic ordering of the questions and answers are a must to make your answer sheet readable.

Here are some tips on how to attempt your exam paper:


1. Priority

Go through the question paper thoroughly and tick mark the questions for which you can answer efficiently. Answer those questions first. It puts a good impression on the examiner. Keep your answers tidy and well formatted.


2. Highlighting

Sequencing and highlighting of the question and answer number is very important. You have to keep in mind the examiner's perspective. Try to provide as much ease as you can, to the examiner going through your paper. It will please him.


3. Avoid Lengthy Paragraphs

Try to avert from putting your answer into lengthy paragraphs. It irritates the examiner. Each examiner has to go through bulk of copies and it is difficult to read the paragraphs. So, instead of paragraphs write in proper point's format. Make them bold and you can even highlight them by underlining. Leave one or two lines after each point so as to make them ambiguous.


4. Diagrammatic Representation

Diagrams are one of the good ways to fetch more marks. Where possible, try to explain the answer by diagrams, tables, flow charts etc. Also, try to explain your answers by giving suitable examples. It makes the examiner feel that the student has good knowledge of the concepts


Source: EzineArticles.com