Wed January 30, 2013 By: Sahil Vig

WHY IS MODDULUS OF 5 EQUAL TO 5 NOT -5.NOW I HAVE A METHOD- 5 CAN BE WRITTEN AS 5+0i.SO AS WE HAVE A PROPERTY SUCH THAT( MOD.Z)SQUARE=Zxconj.Z.SO MOD.5 WHOLE SQUARE=(5+Oi)(5-Oi) implies mod.5=plus/minus 5.then why we say only 5

Expert Reply
Thu January 31, 2013
There is a flaw in the method you stated.
( MOD.Z)SQUARE=Zxconj.Z.
The above step is wrong as on the RHS you are considering complex number and on LHS you not.
By the definition, |5| = [sqrt (5^2)]
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