Wed May 04, 2011 By: Giselle Soares

when an electron and proton are placed in a uniform electric field what will be its direction? in the direction of the electric field? opposite to the electric field or in a circular path?and if made to move in a circular path in the presence of either electric or magnetic fields or both which will have the bigger radius as it moves in a circular path? the electron or a proton?how can you tell which particle will have the bigger radius if you are asked between an electron, proton,alpha particle and beta particle?

Expert Reply
Wed May 04, 2011
Their direction will be opposite to the applied electric field.
from the equation 
v = qbr/m, where v is the velocity,q is the charge ,b is the magnetic field, r is the radius and m is the mass of the charge. we know that bigger the mass, more isthe radius, so proton have bigger radius than electron.
And among all alpha particle has bigger radius.
Thu May 04, 2017


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