Thu July 19, 2012 By: Koushtav Chakrabarty

Two oxides of a metal contain 27.6% and 30.0% of oxygen respectively. If the formula of the first oxide is M3O4, find that of the second.

Expert Reply
Fri July 20, 2012
Percentage of oxygen=27.6
Precentage of metal=100-27.6=72.4
Formula of the metal oxide=M3O4
Let the atomic mass of the metal= x
Percentage by weight of the metal in the oide M3O4=3x *100/3x+64=72.4
The atomic mass of the metal=56
Element      Precentage      Atomic Mass     Atomic ratio    Simplest ratio       whole no.ratio
M                70                  56                   70/56=1.25    1.25/1.25=1          2
O                30                  16                    30/16            1.88/1.25=1.5       3
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