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Q1.The roots of the equation x^2-3x – m(m+3)=0,where m is a constant, are what? Q2.a triangle PQR is drawn to circumscribe a circle of radius 6cm such that the segments QT and TR into which QR is divided by the point of contact T, are of lengths 12cm and 9cm respectively.if the area of trianglePQR=189cm2,then find the lengths of sides PQ and PR. Q3.find an A.P whose fourth term is 9 and the sum of its sixth term and thirteen term is 40. Q4. from the top of a vertical tower, the angles of depression of two cars in the same straight line with the base of the tower at an instant are found to be 45* and 60*.if the cars are 100m apart and are on the same side of the tower. find the height of the tower.

Expert Reply
Mon March 21, 2011
Dear Student
Please note that you can ask only one question in a query.
Please post these questions in separate queries.
Also in your first question what is the highlighted symbol.
The roots of the equation x^2-3x � m(m+3)=0,where m is a constant, are what.
Q.2 is also not clear so we are answering 3 here others need to be sent again in separate queries.
In 4th fourth tem of AP will be a+3d =9 ......(1)where a is first term and d is common difference.
Also a+5d+a+12d =40 i.e 2a +17d =40 __(2)
Solving (1) and (2) we get d =2 and a =3
Hope it clarifies your doubt.
Team Topper
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