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a ball is dropeed from a height of 48m and rebounds two thirds of the distance it falls.if it continues to fall and rebound in this way how far will it travel before coming to rest

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Fri March 16, 2012
Height from which it falls=48 so 1ST Time distance travelled=48 then it rebounds and so covers 2/3*48 and comes down to travel 2/3*144 again so 2nd Time distance travelled=2*(2/3)*48 and so on, Total D=48+2*(2/3)*48+2*(2/3)(2/3)48+....... Apply sum to infinite GP D=48[1+2*2/3+2*(2/3)2+......] =48[1+2{2/3+(2/3)2+(2/3)3+.....infinity}] =48[1+2(2)] =240m
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