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what is velocity time graph in simple words and how to describe it??

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Sun July 03, 2011

In velocity time graphs, velocity is the dependent variable and hence plotted along y axis. Time being an independent variable is plotted along x axis.

Velocity-time graphs are supposed to be more generalized graphs, in comparison to distance-time graphs. Depending upon the velocity of the body we get different types of velocity-time graphs as described here:

  1. If the velocity of a body remains constant, the velocity-time graph is a horizontal line parallel to the time axis.
  2. If the velocity of the body changes uniformly at a constant rate, the velocity-time graph is a straight line
  3. If the velocity of the object changes non-uniformly, the velocity-time graph is a curve not a straight line.
  4. The area enclosed by the velocity-time graph and the time axis represents the displacement.
  5. The slope of the velocity-time graph gives the acceleration.

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