Thu May 05, 2011 By: Nayanika Das Gupta

Two metal plates form a parallel plate capacitor. The distance between the plates is d. A metal plate of thickness b=d/2 and same area is inserted completely between the plates. What is the ratio of the capacitance in the two cases?

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Sun May 08, 2011
When the metal plates of thickness b=d/2 is inserted between the parallel plate capacitor separated by a distance d, then the system is equivalent to the series combination of two capacitors, one is between the filled space by the metal plate and another is unfilled space between parallel plate capacitor.
The capacitance of the capacitor between metal plate of thickness d/2 is
And that between unfilled part will be
The equivalent capacitance will be
And the capacitance between the parallel plate capacitor when same area of metal plate is inserted  is
The required ratio of the capacitance is
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