Mon October 22, 2012 By: Balvinder Uppal

Sir,I wanted to ask that if a question is asked about the magnification and values are such that the value of -v/u comes out to be 0 so what about the size and the nature of the image

Expert Reply
Wed October 24, 2012
well if the value of -v/u come out to be zero it means v is zero i.e the image is formed very close to the lens.
it can be visualized as a case when the focal length of the lens is very small almost negligiable and in that case of course the image formed will be of almost no size and hence magnification will  be zero.
another case can be that when u i.e object distance is very large almost infinity then in that case again the image size is negligiable as compared to the object size like when we make the sun's image it is very small as compared to its size and hence the magnification is practically negligiable
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