Mon November 14, 2011 By: Ruchika Saini

madan purchased a calculator with 30% discount on marked price. he sold it with 15% profit. what was his profit/loss percentage on marked price?

Expert Reply
Mon November 14, 2011
Let us suppose marked price is MP
Hence Buying price after 30%discount = MP - (30/100)MP = 0.7MP
Now when he sold the calculator, let us say his selling price was SP.
His profit then is 15%
So, 15/100=SP-0.7MP/0.7MP×100
Hence , SP= 0.7MP(1+.15) = 1.15×0.7MP = 0.805MP
This is less than the marked price hence he is under loss relative to MP.
So loss percentage relative to MP = (1-0.805)MP×100/MP = 19.5
HEnce loss percentage =19.5% on Marked Price
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